Uncertainty and change is all around us now. Effective coaching enables the coachee to embrace uncertainty, identifying a next step without knowing the final solution. Similarly the effective leader coach also needs to embrace this uncertainty and share this with their team. Acknowledge it. Name it. Outcomes may be unexpected. We’d encourage everyone to ask themselves, am I truly openly acknowledging this with my peers and teams?


What are the habits that you've developed through your career, that have served you well. But. Which might now be limiting you? This is the question was asked last week at our book launch for #coachingonthego. By way of example, I offered that my habit is the habit of saying "yes" to everything - I'm excited, so I grab opportunities. It is now limiting me, because I fail to be strategic because instead I am busy. @Phil Renshaw offered that for him, it is organising.


One of my favourite questions to help others with their thinking is, 'And what else?' Wonderfully open and always seems to trigger deeper thoughts. What question do you find consistently powerful in your work? Maybe we can create a Top Ten! #coachingonthego #coaching #leadershipdevelopment


The word SOMETHING is a little bit magic. It allows you to point to a schism in the conversation, or a behaviour, or a fact that needs unpacking. You don’t need to be more precise than that. Just, “something’s not working”, or “something’s out of kilter” or “something is getting in the way”. That’s all you need to do.

It allows specificity, without identifying the actual issue, and it is neutral. By asking about something, you invite others to join you in discovering what’s going on. You can read more about “something” in our new book #Coachingonthego or request a free chapter.  

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