I was speaking to a colleague this morning who commented that he was finding this whole new world of working from home really stressful. Simply because he never seems to have any time to himself. An enormous irony, he thought. There he is working in his own house, from his own table, and yet he’s more in demand to join online calls and meetings than when he was in the office.

 Does this sound familiar to you? As people who have worked from home offices for some years we are completely familiar with this challenge. Home working can end up more sedentary, as we are no longer rushing down the corridor, via the water cooler or up the stairs, with meetings and calls back to back over a day that is extended because we can use our commuting time too! This can leave us all more and more stressed and headaches often develop as the day progresses, driven by constantly focusing, staring at a screen and failing to drink enough water or other fluids.

 So, take a Pause-Point. Pause-Points can be used in all manner of situations to regain personal equilibrium at its most basic it is about making sure you give yourself suitable time out. Take a break. Allow your brain to relax for a moment. This is important in normal office life but potentially even more so now we are working from home. Before you know it you will also have back problems!

This new lifestyle may yet become your new habit, so make it a good one. Put alerts in your diary. Be brave enough to start a meeting by suggesting everyone takes a time to grab water, go to the loo or have a stretch - demonstrate that this is a priority by building it into the agenda Take a moment to ask about other peoples’ mental and emotional state, and to recognise that life goes way beyond work.

Go do it now. Take a Pause-Point.