Work, what is it good for?

In this article we demonstrate how coaches can help reframe critical leadership issues amplified by the pandemic.

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Your Business Superpowers: Being Kind AND Tough

Hindsight is a wonderful thing because it helps us generate learning and then translate that learning into the future. Using the power of hindsight, we asked a group of leaders what advice they would like to have given to their younger selves on the lessons they’ve learned about leadership.
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Why leaders should behave bravely – even when they don’t feel it

The importance of learning and change is relevant to everyone but never more so than in times of great difficulty such as Covid-19. Leaders, their behaviours and consequences, are also amplified at such times – if evidence is needed simply look at former president Trump. So the question is: in the midst of everything, as leaders, is it possible for us to really see what we are doing? How do we alter our course?
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If you think of mentoring as 'giving back’ you’ve missed the boat!

When I was younger, I used to hear people talking about mentoring as a way of "giving back". It was the idea that they could share their wisdom and experience to help others. Whilst the logic seems sound it hugely misses the real point of effective mentoring and whilst the model is definitely changing, it is still not unusual to hear people speaking this way. It’s time to challenge those assumptions and encourage people to think differently. (Read more on HRMGuide HERE.)

Leaders Voices: Listen to your gut, but don’t follow it

If you had the chance to go back in time and offer your younger self some advice on your leadership skills, what would you say? What have you learned through experience, good and bad, that would have been so useful to you if only you had been aware of it?  (Read more on Irish Tech News: Here)

Wave Good-bye

Continuing our series of “sack your mentor”, “sack your coach”, in this blog we set out to persuade you that three habits are holding you back and it’s time to wave them goodbye.

Before we get started, we invite you to try a simple and revolutionary mindfulness practice:

Pick one thing you will do today and approach it as if for the last time. It doesn’t matter what you choose for this thought experiment, it simply matters that you do this fully. It may be personal or professional, but take enough time now, before reading further, to really soak on the exquisite details of one single thing.

And, now with the lens of doing it for the last time, let that help you notice how habitually you usually embark on this endeavour.

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