Mindfulness is a way to support people in their leadership journey.  After working in one organisation for 21 months, we calculated a ROI of between 300-500%.  Read what participants told us:

"I would have fallen apart without the weekly Mindfulness sessions with Jenny. Without the live sessions I struggle to practice Mindfulness. There is still so much change going on at [name] and the continuation of the sessions will be a lifeline.

"I've learnt so much and continue to learn.

"The session with Jenny gives me something to look forward to, a chance to refocus and time to reflect each week. I find it gives me a much more positive and confident mindset. At times of pressure and stress I find these sessions can help me focus and have been needed more than ever over the last couple of years.

"These sessions have provided a breath of fresh air from our complex work schedules allowing us to sit back and reflect in order to re-enter the week energized.

I wouldn’t have survived the covid pandemic, sales pressures and the personal crisis I suffered without the mindfulness skills that Jenny has armed me with. I honestly believe I would have had some sort of breakdown.

"It has helped me a lot to keep focused and grounded during very unsettling times. It has helped me redirect my attention onto what really matters and made me stronger to face work and life challenges.

"...it gives me the opportunity to shift to a more positive and productive mindset. It helped me incredibly with dealing with the uncertainties during the last couple of ‘insane’ pandemic years."