Speakers and Contributors

LaBarron Burwell
Leadership & Management Consultant, Positive Intelligence(PQ) Coach, Wellness Expert, Mental Hygiene Advocate

LaBarron has promised to lead a session on the links between performance and wellbeing.  It stands to reason that feelings of fairness, levels of task challenge, team conflict or cooperation all add up to whether people feel well at work.
In his session, we will delve into practical strategies that bridge the gap between Mental Hygiene and Performance Management. Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals in high-pressure environments, we'll explore actionable steps to foster a positive mental framework that directly enhances professional effectiveness. We can't wait to learn from LaBarron.

Clare Hill
UK CEO and global board member of Sysdoc Limited

Clare has consulted to some of the largest and most recognisable brands all of which are large complex organisations such as Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Systems, Johnson Matthey, Open University, Ikea and Government of Jersey.
With experience as a CEO and as a change consultant Clare has a birds eye view of people and their engagement with their work and colleagues.
As another Kiwi (and Jenny swears its not a conspiracy), Clare is pragmatic and dynamic and unafraid of creative solutions.
We can't wait to hear from her.

Angus MacGregor
Head of Global Human Resources, MUFG Bank
International Head of Human Resources, MUFG Securities. Vice Chair of ACCJ Women in Business Committee

Angus joins us with a unique perspective.  He is working within the context of a major international bank with a non-Western culture, but nevertheless operating globally.  As a result colleagues are possibly more diverse than is normally the case and more mobile too.
Against this background, thinking about the mutual needs of individuals and the Bank is central to solving the riddle of talent and performance. 
Angus, who initially trained as a lawyer, brings fresh insights, some hairy stories and a wealth of good sense.  We can't wait to hear him speak.

Dino Jangra
Partner Crowe - Workforce Advisory. Global Practice Leader, Global Mobility Services

Dino’s expertise lies in identifying and advising organisations on the issues they face when employees’ roles become cross border in nature and when they move their people or their operations across international jurisdictions. Implicit in these highly expensive moves is an understanding that performance management is critical to achieving ROI or talent will leak or under deliver .
Although this isn't a reward conference inevitably we'll touch occassionally on the subject.  Dino is going to make sure we have relevant information on global trends, and that we continue to return to the subject of talent acquisition, growth, deployment and not get sidetracked into pay issuesWe think it's going to be super having him fully in the discussion.


CPO from a Global Brand

She says "The current era represents a golden age for the HR profession, with the Chief People Officer (CPO) assuming a pivotal role. Advancements in technology and automation have relieved HR leaders of many administrative and procedural tasks, enabling the CPO to steer the organization towards formulating and executing strategies for talent and work arrangements, which are vital for driving future business growth. In the foreseeable future, an organization's success or failure will be fundamentally determined by the quality and strength of its human capital.
To navigate the evolving landscape of work and effectively address critical people-related challenges that impact a company's financial performance, organizations need visionary and resolute HR leadership. It is imperative to transcend outdated HR models, as failure to do so can have catastrophic consequences for the company.