Who should attend?

The titles we might expect in the room include CPOs, HRDs, Heads of Talent, Heads of OD/Culture, Heads of L&D and those interested in strategic Global Mobility.
But titles can be misleading especially as organization sizes vary. Seniority is only part of it.
Critically you will be a key influencer, owner or shaper of your people performance ambitions.
Consequently, strategic business leaders and operations leaders with large employee populations should also attend – they are your ‘people’ too.

Past Event Participants

"Learnt a ton. I was overloaded with ideas and tools and useful frameworks that I could put to use immediately. More practical than I could ever have imagined."

"My brain is hurting, there is so much good stuff crammed in from all the different sessions - and I'm so excited to share it with others back at the office. Please put me on your mailing list for the next event."

"I work in expatriation and we have very different challenges around performance management and talent, but I found so much of the discussion relevant and helpful."

"I normally hate these industry events because they force you to network. Yet you made it effortless to meet likeminded people. I found so much common ground with others and that made it easy to exchange email addresses. Our calls to 'keep in touch' were absolutely genuine and I feel sure that my new 'team' are there for me further down the line."