We both believe, and we share this with other leaders who collaborate with us, that great leaders are made, not born, and central to this belief is that skills can be taught. Coaching On-the-Go has an emancipatory objective to make coaching skills available to any leader who has ten minutes a day to invest in themselves and the people they work with. In 10 minutes a day, Coaching On the Go gives you the tools to be an effective leader.


Principals in the Business

Dr Phil Renshaw, Co-Founder

Phil started his career in international banking and treasury, going on to become a Finance Director in the IT sector. Then he tuned into the fact that people, and hence people skills, generate the numbers. And with that insight, he launched a new career. He is now a management and executive coach, leadership development facilitator and an expert in the value of international assignments.

Dr Jenny Robinson, Co-Founder

Jenny has worked all over the world; been kidnapped (yes, but it wasn't that serious); driven through the Borneo jungle to get to work; and learnt to be effective in the normal office environments of Asia, Europe, America and Africa. She works on leadership development and as a mindfulness coach to senior executives.

Andrew Bullock, Non-Executive Director

Andrew has over 30 years experience in the IT and telecommunications industry, initially with the military where he trained with the Royal Corps of Signals, and later with Cable and Wireless, BT and United Utilities.

 Featuring senior leadership and customer-facing roles, Andrew’s experience includes positions as sales director at the Cable & Wireless College, Managing Director of Updata, and General Manager of an outsourcing business unit of BT turning over £260m pa. He also honed his leadership skills at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst!

 He gained his international experience in Germany with the military and in the Caribbean and MEA regions with Cable and Wireless, and more recently Andrew has led the delivery of customer projects for BT in Africa, Turkey, Barbados and Australia.

 Andrew who is currently Director of Technology Growth at Capita has an MBA from the Open University and a diploma in management studies.

For a little bit of fun, below in the video we introduce each other.  If you want to, please take this idea and use it with your team to help them to get to know each other better.  It means they have to really listen to each others' bio and then reproduce it.  The idea is that they deepen their understanding of the team and what each colleague offers.