Great Leaders Coach

The COTG Skills Report provides snackable content to create collaborative leadership.

Who can use the COTG Skills Report? This 2 min video explains more.

Clients say:

"… the COTG Skills Report is so much more accessible and immediately impactful compared to all those other tools such as MBTI that I’ve used. It’s way superior. People start changing immediately.

Your approach is the answer to our leadership challenge. It is highly cost effective and compatible with our working lives.

Genius! Why didn’t anyone teach me about behavioral experiments before? Such a simple and powerful idea."

How does the GIZMO work? This 2 min video explains more.

Why use the COTG Skills Report?

  • The ability of leaders to use coaching skills within their everyday working activity is widely recognized as fundamental to their success
  • Effective leadership requires the use of these skills because no leader leads alone
  • Based on academic research, and our book Coaching On the Go, the COTG Skills Report helps build teams and individuals who are ready to pull together as leaders-who-coach
  • In just 10 minutes a day, we provide tools for people to be effective using the core coaching skills of successful leaders
  • No one has time to add onto their to-do list, so we add into what is already in action
  • To make these development tasks supremely sticky and achievable, colleagues design their own personal behavioral experiments guided with personal skills reports and collaboration

Why create Leaders-who-coach? This 2 min video explains more.