We asked clients to talk about how they have used the book and The COTG GIZMO.  Here's what they had to say:

This approach absolutely catches the Zeitgeist of leadership today, we have to be coaching to get people to want to give of their best.’

Performance management expert, COE

Phil Renshaw and Jenny Robinson are the creators/originators of a unique, practical approach to helping leaders become better coaches.’ Director, Head of L&D Americas, global bank.

I have been trained as a coach, but I rarely practice it. Most of the skills have [stayed] in class. This is different.’ Leader, SE Asian Tele Co

The report is “frighteningly accurate” and the experiments make “a huge difference” to my daily interactions’. Leader, UK retail bank.

This gives me the courage to see what I am afraid of’ … ‘[I see] it is OK to be scared. It should not block us from growing’. Mid-level leader, Global consulting firm

The leaders-who-coach philosophy is spreading through the people we have worked with and is adding value in the following businesses: