In our book we suggest lots of useful reading, watching and listening resources. Below we provide links to all current ones that we like. Naturally things change on the web so you may not find one that was suggested in the book as it is no longer available. We keep adding to this list to keep it up to date and healthy. If there was something in particular you want and cannot find, please email one of us and we’ll do our best to find you something better.


Books we have both enjoyed or we mention in Coaching On the Go.

Tah Dah! Since publishing the book, we have had further publishing success with multiple academic and practitioner journals.  Here's a list - and, where copyright allows - a link to each paper.

Renshaw, P.S.J., & Robinson, J.L. (April 2020). “Leader as coach-coach as teacher”. Coaching Today, London.  LINK

Renshaw, P. S. J., & Robinson, J.L. (October 2021). “Work, what is it good for? Phil Renshaw and Jenny Robinson demonstrate how coaches amplify critical leadership issues amplified by the pandemic.” Coaching Today, London. LINK

Renshaw, P. S. J., & Robinson, J.L. (2022). “Global mobility: Leadership requires presence”. International HR Advisor, London

Robinson, J. L., & Renshaw, Phil. St. J. (2022). “Place – The final frontier: Exploring the outer reaches of collaborative agency using the Japanese concept of Ba”. Leadership, 18(1), 13–39. LINK

Robinson, J. and Renshaw, P. St J. (2023). Aligning the ontologies of leadership and coaching using Leadership-as-Practice. Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal, Vol. 8, No.1, May 2023, 04-20.  LINK

Robinson, J. and Renshaw, P. St J. (in press). What are the competencies of a leader-who-coaches? And, how do we know?  Chapter in "Critical Perspectives on Intersections of Coaching and Leadership."  Published by IGI.  Proof copy available from the authors.

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