Creating Leaders-who-coach

The GIZMO allows participants to complete an online questionnaire from which the COTG Skills Report is produced.  The report provides a self assessment of what a person actually does with results arrayed around the 15 dimensions that are core for leaders-who-coach.

The GIZMO is NOT a psychometric

Action and activity is what we ask about and these are not stable personality traits - over time the expectation is that new activity will evolve.  The GIZMO and the COTG Skills Report take account of both context and culture.


The everyday situations and mundane conversations where coaching skills are used.  Not idealised set-aside time which is artificial and impossible for most busy people.


What does the organisation signal to colleagues about the importance of coaching on the go?  And, how does this culture affect their choices.

Two Valuable Options for Individuals

  • Become a leader-who-coaches
  • Build new leadership skills
  • 10 minutes a day
  • At your own pace
  • ...learn more...
  • As for INSIGHT, plus:
  • Find the skills you need most
  • Compare your skills to others
  • Receive your COTG Skills Report
  • ...learn more...

Two Valuable Options for Organisations


Choose Me

  • As for ADVANCE, plus:
  • Individualised mentoring
  • Discover easy start points
  • Personal coaching to accelerate learning
  • ...learn more...

Choose Me

  • As for ACCELERATE, plus:
  • Bespoke development for your group
  • Small group webinars on team-critical skills
  • Team facilitation for success
  • ...learn more...