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MULTIPLY Your Impact

Finding ways to MULTIPLY your success is what matters at this level. You have a role to play in enabling collaboration and successful leadership, so the emphasis for this programme is to include your wider community.  If all your leaders, from inexperienced new-starters to senior executives, had the skills of a leader-who-coaches the potential to resolve underlying organizational problems increases substantially.  We want to work with you to build a team of leaders; a team where coaching is the basis for more capacity and capability.

  • Become a Leader-who-Coaches
  • Build new leadership skills
  • Use 10 minutes a day to adapt the way you work
  • Decide how to work at your own pace
  • Put ideas to use immediately
  • Choose a focus for yourself that is relevant to the situations you face
  • Build into new skills into daily practice - no extra work
  • Find the skills you need most
  • Compare your skills to others
  • Receive a Coaching On the Go Skills Report
  • Benefit from individualised mentoring
  • Discover easy start points
  • Take part in personal coaching to accelerate learning
  • Benefit from bespoke development for your group
  • Experience small group webinars on team-critical skills
  • Experience team facilitation for success

To build your team and MULTIPLY success please click the link above and you will be directed to Phil's email so we can respond to your unique needs.  Alternatively use the contact form below.

Our approach is simple and relevant to everyone. No work experience necessary.

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