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Increasing your ADVANTAGE

ADVANTAGE is aimed at leaders and executives who are serious about learning to coach, on-the-go and in situ. Leadership requires collaboration - meaning we can all choose to be leaders, whatever our seniority, so this is for everyone. Our training methods differ because we believe leaders-who-coach need to learn skills as they lead.
  • Become a Leader-who-Coaches
  • Build new leadership skills
  • Use 10 minutes a day to adapt the way you work
  • Decide how to work at your own pace
  • Put ideas to use immediately
  • Choose a focus for yourself that is relevant to the situations you face
  • Build into daily practice - no extra work
  • Find the skills you need most
  • Compare your skills to others
  • Receive a Personalised Skills Report

To increase your ADVANTAGE, click above to buy a copy of our book, Coaching On the Go, and to undertake the Coaching On the Go questionnaire that will generate your Personalised Coaching Skills Report.

Our approach is simple and relevant to everyone. No work experience necessary.

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