Having More Impact

Developing our COTG Flying Skills

We spent a fantastic evening and day devoted to maximising the value of  the COTG Skills Report. We  experienced different ways to work with the report and book to get the most out of the COTG approach.  We learnt new tools, challenged each other, laughed together, shared our ideas, thoughts and experiences. We networked and learnt about new ways to engage new clients, finding opportunities to collaborate and work together.


And developing our community

Our community is the beating heart of our business.  It's simple, if you grow and thrive we will too.  With so much going on out in the world, it is critical that we take quality time out to revive and refresh.  Learning from us (COTG) and from each other gives us new stuff to engage our clients with, it grows our skills and experience adding value to our work, and it is thrilling.