It is our privilege to work with a range of extremely talented partners around the world. 

Ali Rothwell, UK

Ali’s customer service, sales and leadership experience spans over 30 years working within both the private and public sectors. This includes working with FTSE 100 organisations, TUI Travel, Capita, KPMG, and Vodafone. In 2015 Ali set up Booming Performance a small organisation helping teams, individuals, and organisations to be the best that they can be and in Ali’s words #boom!

Ali is an NLP Practitioner, qualified in SDI Facilitator (Strengths Deployment Inventory), an Executive Coach with the ILM and EMCC and is also an authorized partner with the Five Behaviors®

Ali’s energetic, coaching style challenges people to think differently, and she has a natural flair in helping others to believe in themselves ultimately leading to improved performance in their working and personal life.

Growing up in the travel industry Ali has a real passion for travel that ermmm “Just keeps on growing” she loves spending time with her wife Jo, family and friends and is a big Lego fan! Click to connect.

Amy Grazen develops and facilitates trainings for companies globally. Amy has 25 years of experience in corporate training, coaching and leadership development.  She has a passion for supporting clients in living their best lives, multiplying talent of teams, and fostering healthy high performance as a priority for leaders.  Creating work culture that enables individuals and teams to thrive drives competitive advantage when we recognize our most valuable resource is our people!

Trainings include; Leadership, Team and Personal Resilience, Change Management, Energy Management, Coaching, Wellbeing.   Her clients include Allstate, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, GSK, Toshiba, Johnson and Johnson and MARS.

 Amy lives in North Carolina with her husband Greg and their three children. Click to connect.

Charlotte has over 20 years of experience as a change and communications specialist and runs, Uuna is a hand-picked community of expert Change Managers and Communication specialists. Based on the latin word for together, Uuna provides people and data led change management solutions that are highly bespoke and tailored to your culture, context and the way you work.

 One of our key principles is that we build your internal change capability as part of working together, so you become future-fit to manage change ongoing.

 Uuna has a suite of Change Diagnostics which provide insights and data to understand and improve your change capabilities - including Coaching on the Go!  Click to connect.

Claire Rason is the founder of Client Talk. She is a consultant and an accredited coach. She has worked in, or alongside, professional services firms for over 20 years. Claire is passionate about bringing the power of active listening and diverse thinking to professional services firms.

Claire is a Mum of four children so can usually be found in a car taking one of them somewhere! When she isn't doing that she loves to entertain, put her feet up with a book and a glass of wine, or just put her feet up
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Strong professional with a Master's degree in Management psychology and supervision, business trainer and a professional coach.

Areas of my expertise: wellbeing, stress management, Emotional Intelligence, management, individual and team coaching and supervision sessions; business and leadership soft skills development training, seminars, and workshops.

We used to value a company or organization by its KPIs, efficiency or productivity reports, etc.
I believe that people are a core value of any organization so creating an environment for personal and professional growth, engagement and psychoemotional wellbeing is a key for developing a long term relationship with employees. Click to connect

Leaving a 32-year career in corporate human resources, Jeannie founded Rudder Consulting so that she could focus on her passion of inspiring and empowering healthy high performance. She enjoys working with leaders as they have a profound impact on team culture, employee performance and wellbeing. A Certified Wellness Practitioner, lover of positive psychology and neuroscience, she believes that effective leadership is an “X factor” and that, with intention and practice, it can be cultivated. For fun, she enjoys tennis, hiking and saltwater fishing. Click to connect.

LaBarron Burwell is a wellness practitioner and organizational development expert hailing from Oxford, North Carolina where he completed his undergraduate degree in kinesiology. He later spent a decade in the DC Metro area to refine his skills, applying wellness education to the world of organizational development. LaBarron holds a master's degree in organizational development and is also a certified wellness practitioner by the National Wellness Institute. His driving mission is to empower individuals in both their personal wellness journeys and professional development through systematic approaches. When not assisting others, LaBarron finds joy in his favorite pastimes - comedy shows, cornhole, golf, and all kinds of sports. For an extra dose of excitement, challenge him to a friendly match in anything! Click to connect.

Dr Lois Brand, UK
Lois has many years of experience in coaching, leadership and education. As an emergency medicine consultant for nearly twenty years, she is experienced at leading and directing teams in high pressure situations. She currently works for Oxford University Medical School as Associate Director of Clinical Studies, Lead Clinical Tutor for Pembroke College and Coach for the Thames Valley Professional Support Service.
She has been coaching since 2010, is ICF accredited with a certificate in Business and Personal Coaching and is MBTI trained. Lois is a skilled and experienced group facilitator, regularly delivering workshops on leadership skills, challenging conversations in the workplace, interview preparation and career development skills. She also lectures post-graduate students on the Masters in Medical Education Course at Oxford University. 
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After over 20 years working as a leader within the corporate people and culture space, Margaret stepped away to create Consulting Make it Happen. Her passion is to work with managers and leaders at all levels to help them realise their full potential and thereby create the ripple effect enabling them to better support their teams to do the same.  

There is no one size fits all approach! At times Margaret is engaged as a consultant to provide strategic direction and support leadership development, other times as a coach to work with individuals and teams. Margaret’s uses a strength based approach, which focuses on empowerment and growth. With her understanding of business and proven commercial acumen she is able to support leaders develop and learn resulting in improved leadership skills, individual performance, and greater alignment to organisational goals.

As a certified, Mental Health First Aider, NLP Practitioner, and Functional Nutritional Therapist, her approach is a holistic one, where wellbeing is paramount. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Degree in Psychology, an MCIPD Diploma, is a certified Organisational Coach and MBTI practitioner. Click to connect.

Mike Thorne works as The Engineering Leaders’ Coach, helping engineering organisations create high-performing leadership teams. As a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in large engineering and utility businesses, including 15 years in senior roles, he has experienced and seen first-hand the challenges that prevent many engineering leaders and leadership teams from functioning at their best. But he’s also discovered that team and individual success are possible with the right support, which is what he brings in his team and executive coaching assignments.

Prior to starting his coaching business, Mike had operated in technical, commercial and regulatory roles, as well as working on high-profile projects and issues with senior stakeholders from UK government, Ofgem, UK and EU companies and industry bodies.
Building on this, Mike specialises in coaching directors, senior leaders and senior teams who come predominantly from an engineering background. His ability to establish good rapport quickly and to help his clients identify a way through their leadership challenges comes in no small part from his personal understanding of the way they think and the kind of challenges they face.
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Ryan Armstrong, Spain

Ryan is a researcher at the University of Barcelona who studies well-being at work, focusing on the tensions caused in the context of immense societal, technological, and ecological change. He is also a facilitator at OtuLabs, a collaborative effort with organizational change and mental health specialists he co-founded to help organizations become more resilient, adaptable, and to carry out more meaningful work.

 Ryan had a colorful work history prior to starting his academic career. In his native USA his resumé includes house painter, farm-hand, garbage man, retail worker, and kitchen manager, before finally landing as a business analyst in San Francisco. Before taking up his current position he advised companies in the recruiting sector on a wide range of issues related to big data and analytics. Click to connect.

Salam Al Kurdi is a leadership and organizational development consultant, design thinking strategist and executive coach and facilitator. She has more than 10 years of diverse experience designing, developing, and implementing people development schemes and initiatives. Salam pioneered major leadership development programs across sectors and industries. She holds a master’s degree with dean’s list distinction in applied positive psychology, specialized in organizational coaching and wellbeing.
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Tash worked for over 15 years in PR and Comms at some of the world's leading agencies, including Hill & Knowlton, Freud Communications and FTI Consulting, before moving into coaching in 2017. She went to set up The Reframe, an independent coaching consultancy focused on one thing, helping individuals and teams feel more powerful in the way they work.
She is known for being high energy, working hard to get people to where they need to be, and always delivering results.

Past experience includes being an in-house coach for communications consultancy Fanclub PR. Holding workshops for businesses including Snapchat and Wimbart Public Relations. And working with private clients from a number of businesses including Bumble, Netflix and TikTok.  Click to connect.

Sandy is an experienced facilitator and has a passion for people and an inexhaustible enthusiasm for helping leaders reach their full potential. She is currently a neuroscience coach trained by the NeuroLeadership Institute, New York University, and is working with organisations to develop positive and sustainable change in teamwork and relationships.
Sandy started her career in education then i
n the early 1990s, she joined the corporate world working for an American Global IT company. Over the next three decades, she travelled worldwide, working with clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Her roles of European Director for People, Culture and Communications, and Head of Leadership Development UK IT operations allowed her to design and embed processes that made significant cultural changes.
She trained at MIT, Boston, in the Learning Lab and has worked as an Organizational Development consultant for many years. She is a psychometric practitioner and a Master of the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development.
She has written guidebooks on leadership, managing change and transition management, and for over 10 years, she studied leadership and lived with tribes in Kenya and Tanzania.  Click to connect.

Stuart Worker, UK

Stuart is the co-founder of the Purposeful Leadership Company and a passionate Coach. His background is in HR, Learning and Leadership development – with over 20 years’ experience in progressive HR and leadership roles across the UK & Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Stuart now works as a Leadership Development Coach, and a specialist in human motivation and personal growth.

 He coaches people at points of transition and during periods of high challenge. He loves supporting people in taking their next ‘bold’ career step; leading a challenging project; navigating a significant change or challenging stakeholder dynamic; or seeking a step change in their performance.

Stuart coaches people to develop exceptional levels of clarity, self-awareness, trust and motivation. They become clearer about their identity, purpose, limiting beliefs and this leads to conscious, authentic and purposeful leadership.

 Stuart’s style of coaching is experiential and always based on people’s real dilemmas and challenges. He’s best known for creating a challenging but safe space to think, and in helping people find the few things that can change many things. Click here to connect.


In addition to the individuals listed above, we are proud to work alongside the following corporate distributors: